Above the Bar Fitness' group training package is an exclusive unlimited training program that is available to clients up to SIX days a week! That totals to 24 sessions a month for one unbelievable low monthly fee. There are no time limits, no appointments, and NO EXCUSES!

  • Every time you come to the gym during business hours you will be put through a workout by a professional.
  • Our clients filter in and filter out as their schedules permit with no additional stress of late or missed appointments.
  • We measure progress through monthly measurements of body fat and nutritional guidance.

We have set our business model to be motivating; the more often you come, the more affordable it is cost per session. Creating "a family that sweats together, stays together" mentality is vital to success in fitness! Our clients feel as if they are a part of a fitness family and everyone is supportive and encouraging.

  • You will always have an experienced trainer near to help; fixing your form, answering any questions, giving you a spot, whatever you may need.
  • Never miss a workout! - we will send you workouts you can do in the privacy of your hotel room; using your own body weight as resistance, or more traditional workouts using the hotel facility.
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